Sep 19, 2014

Try-ness Friday (aka...Fitness Friday)

ALG Uninterrupted

Last week was a craptastic fail, and this week I spoke up with what has been messing with my head lately, but I'm trying my best to kick that funk to the curb! (trying is better than nothing, right?)

I did meal prep this past weekend, so my food has been on the mark for breakfast and lunches.

Breakfast prepped was my scrambled egg with 1/2 piece of turkey bacon portioned up and all I have to do is pop them in the microwave for 30seconds.  I only make three days worth because the idea of eggs prepped five days in advance kinda skeeved me out. I'm not big on eggs, so this new breakfast setup surprises me!

Lunches this week was my ground turkey and green beans, which I drown in sriracha sauce after nuking it in the work microwave.

Working out was a bit better than lately as well.

Monday - 3.10miles run
Wednesday - 3.5miles run
Thursday - 35minute Brazillian Cardio Dance
Friday - 2mile walk (despite an ongoing migraine)

I feel remarkably better today than I did just 48hours ago on Wednesday.  Just knowing that I'm sore in all the right places and that I've given myself the time to work is letting me move back to normalcy (I hope!)

and since I've shared pictures of my food before, to avoid recycling pictures or taking duplicates since I eat the same things repeatedly, I figured some fun useless information to fill our brains is more entertaining.

Have a great weekend!!!

Sep 17, 2014

Struggling....a confession


I'm struggling really badly lately. 
I re-read my blog and see the pattern of excuses and falling off and jumping back 'on track' and focused but then life throws another curveball at me which is a great excuse again to jump off the track and wallow in chocolate comfort.

I took 'before' pictures again last night.  I didn't weigh myself, I didn't get the tape measure, none of that. Just a few pictures.  I'm not sure I can mentally handle any numbers right now.

So while I regroup myself and come up with a plan, I had to go scour my original journey notes, a private journal I kept for myself for so long.  In hopes of reminding myself why I need to keep moving and striving for more, I had to revisit the April of yester-years.  The "April 1.0" as I call her, because the life I have now and the image I am now is drilled into friends and families regularly that they forget as well.  A newer job, where they've only known of the "April 2.0"

Top Right: 2002 - Wedding day (that I so want to do over!) I was somewhere near 190.
Bottom Right: 2001 - our engagement photos, same weight, but I was feeling pretty that day.
Left: 2003 - I had lost about 20lbs before getting pregnant. Ironically my trouble with gluten started getting worse and I can see how puffy and bloated I was despite the 20lb loss.

Kickstarted with WeightWatchers and a basic treadmill, I somehow got myself down to 132lbs from that high of 193.
 A solid 60.2lb loss in about 18months.

I miss that girl.

But I look back and wonder how healthy was I? I was just a cardio junkie at the time.
Hubs voiced a small complaint once but never pushed.  His complaint?  That as a former competitive bodybuilder at 6'3 and over 220lbs, he got scared that he could accidentally hurt me and that I looked fragile.

Somewhere along the lines, I maintained in the 140's slightly healthier but falling in love  with running more and more, the muscle added on and I felt good.

My quick and dirty journey summary I've posted before, but January 2009 brought a serious car accident and I weighed at 152 that day.

2010 was the long awaited second pregnancy and I was ecstatic when at 30days post partum I was naturally back down to 155. 

That was March 2011 and here I am in September 2014 still struggling with those last 10-15lbs? 

Why am I not getting back into the 140's?
Why am I now at or above the 160 mark now?
Why is it not working anymore?
Why is my body not cooperating with me here?

last week - 9/6

I'm struggling.

But I'm still trying.

That's gotta count for something, right?

I am home today with a sick Kiddo, so instead of giving myself a TrueBlood marathon and excessive chocolate, I've forced myself to share what's been going on in my head for the blog....share some before pics for the first time....and now?

I'm going to hit my treadmill for a good run for my mental health more than anything.
I know I won't regret this choice, no matter how fast or slow I am today.

Thanks to anyone listening....sharing before pictures are hard for anyone no matter how long ago or recent it was.  I don't think I'm that person anymore, but I still am embarrassed.

Sep 12, 2014

Friday FAIL.

 Let me just call myself out first and foremost.

This month has been a total bomb.  A true bust.
We had a major project go 'live' on September 2nd that triggered said 'bomb' and I've been in cleanup mode.  Cleanup on something I got thrown into less than three months ago and now we've had a near catastrophe (business wise) and I am considered the "subject expert" 

So all of last week was madness.
This week until Wednesday was continued madness.
 and now I am breathing again.

I am fully aware of how craptastic the last 10days have been.  Project managers like to feed us junk to keep us chained to desks rather than escaping, so it was free donuts, cookies, burgers, pizza.
Because of the craptastic food I knew I had to keep moving!

Monday I was up and hit my 3.10miles.
Go me!
Then I somehow slept through my workout alarms? huh?
I rarely sleep through a single alarm, but two different ones three times each? 
 I figured it was my body telling me I needed, 
mentally and physically and gave myself an out for Tuesday.
and then it happened on Wednesday
and Thursday and today??

I checked and would double check my alarms, 
I turned the volume up....set it to vibrate and alarm...I triple checked.
And finally,
 four days later I realized how I was allegedly sleeping through six alarms for the last four days.

That whole 'blocking mode' was turned on.
It turned off alerts, notifications, emails, and ALARMS from 10pm to 5am.
So all my triple checking, volume increasing, paranoia was for nothing when it pointless.

I found the setting and changed it to end at 4am,
 so that my 4:09 and 4:23 alarms will resume next week.  

I have no excuses now that the project madness has shifted away from me.

So yeah, my Fitness Friday linkup?
ALG Uninterrupted
  Let's just call this a Friday post.

Obviously next week will be 100% improvement in food and fitness!
Go and check on the ladies who shared their GOOD week, because compared to this? 
Anything is better.

Sep 10, 2014

The Tank has arrived!! #TracktheTank

You may have noticed in some of the coolest blogs in the land alittle friend of ours we call "Sparkly".  
Somehow I got in the loop with these real time bloggers, and frankly I love the journey and what this project represents!  Tia at Hands On, Pants Off & Candra at Camo & Lipstick came up with a great idea for a bunch of bloggers (including yours truly) to share our motivation for staying fit and healthy.  We are all taking our turns and sharing our stories when we receive this Sparkly tank from Ruffles With Love in the mail from the blogger that had it before us. The tank is literally traveling the country see, welp looks like at least half the country, but you get the picture!

We all take a picture or two of it (cause you know how much us bloggers hate that) and sign it, write a blog post about our personal motivation before we ship it on to the next lady on the list.  All I know is that I am glad I'm not further down the journey since rumor is that people are tossing in bonus goodies along the way. just sayin' The postage at the end of thing is definitely going to be more than when it started. 

 So go check out some of these gals as we all share our stories!
Angela @ Mean Ang
Jasmine @ Fleurty and Fit 
Valerie @ Fab Chick Gets Fit 
                Amy @ Getz Girl on Fire                     
Aubrey Leigh @ ALG Uninterrupted
**Yours' truly** April @ Overextended April
and then it is off to a new friend, 
Brandi @ Mama Laughlin
Tracie @ Tracie Everyday
Bailey @ Bailey McKenzie
and finally, Tia @ Hands On, Pants Off

So now that Tank has finally landed in Texas and with me to start the Texas tour, I almost feel like a Texas ambassador (don't worry, there are some real bloggers from Texas in the list above you might recognize) so I gotta represent!

The point of this fun tank journey is that it represents the journey we all go through when it comes to our health and fitness levels.  We call it a journey, but I often refer to it as a roller-coaster or game since when I envision a 'journey' it is a linear and flat image like pilgrimages or lost people in the desert.  This 'journey' called health is not linear or flat, it is the extreme opposite of it. We have twists and turns, and valleys and huge hills to climb over. And with hills come a slower pace, or twists that scare us.

But this isn't an optional joy ride.

What prompted me to stand in that long line waiting for my turn at the game?  What motivated me to even consider this 'ride'?

One of the reasons is shown above, but what triggered and what made my 'click' moment to change my life was my son's first birthday and he was a toddler running around at full speed climbing and jumping and getting into all sorts of mischief at playgrounds and such.

  And I was sitting on the bench. 
Not because I was busy with a phone call or distracted, 
I was just sitting and watching him live life....and I was 10 feet away.

It all click into action that I didn't want to be 'on the bench' just watching him play (and possibly need me) but I wanted to be 'in the game' and living life WITH my kids and not next to them.  That one kid motivated me into my original 60lb loss, a much healthier 2nd pregnancy, and now a future of living life to its fullest WITH my family.  
but now, what motivates me to keep going?

There will be a time when these kids are old and moved out and starting families of their own,
 and I plan to keep on moving and being April even after they stop calling me 'mama.'

So, ask yourself.....
are you ready to play this game of life, 
or just sit on the bench?

The tank is on its way to the other edge of Texas!!!
Keep up with us at #trackthetank on Instagram and our hosts, Tia and Candra!!

Sep 2, 2014

#GYSTS14: Goals

So this time last year I was prepping for the #GYSTS13 as an overzealous blogger and committed to some changes in September.

Guess things haven't changed too much because here I am blogging (still) and this week is Week1 of #GYSTS14.

This year I'm going to do a repeat of my coffee detox, for the same reason....creamer carbs.

Okay, so this post originally was a full breakdown of my creamer carbs. It's not horrible compared to many, but it all worked out to about 20% of my daily low carb counts. So truthfully compared to regular carb or iifym peeps, I'm still grand and my coffee creamer is perfectly fine.

I decided and ended up having to edit this post to be a realist.
Giving up coffee 100% this year isn't going to happen.
Now diagnosed with vestibular and auditory migraines, in which the doctor has given the green light to coffee or caffeine as my first line of defense, my coffee s now "medicinal"

But I will make an effort to opt for hot tea a couple times a week, deal?

So what are my main goals for #GYSTS14?

Mileage: 55
Chocolate: zero candy or chocolate chips. Syrup and cocoa are okay for protein smoothies only.

And I will be bustin out last years weekly workouts from Betty Rocker that (my "Fat Amy" blog series) as my "oh crap, I didn't get my 30minutes today" filler workouts.

So here we go people!
(Yes I started yesterday...just didn't get to post.)

Aug 29, 2014

Fitness Friday minus the Fitness part

I don't know that if this is much of a "Fitness" linkup, but an update for those that follow along.

Aubrey hosts our recap initially for our fitness reporting, but "fitness" isn't just about workouts and food, but mental health and listening to body health, right?

ALG Uninterrupted

I won't whine...

This week has been one of the worse regarding my migraines.  Course it is also months' end, and fiscal year end, and the eve of a major project to go-live on Sept 1st.  Pretty stress free right now ironically, huh?

Monday - 3.25miles - 39minutes
Tuesday - 3.00miles - incline work
Wednesday - zip, nada, zilch
Thursday - repeated of Wednesday
Friday - No migraine, but no morning cardio either. Holiday staff and that whole work thing.

Don't fret, I'm not all doom and gloom despite the intentional use of b/w gifs, I will be jumping into #GYSTS14 next week with all my best efforts now that the wellness classes will resume after Tuesday, I have no excuse to have a day without working out.

Have a great weekend holiday everyone!!!  We are hoping to hit the beach (4hours away) to treat LittleOne to her first beach experience and to get me far away from this whole work madness.

Next Monday happens to be the next month, so its a double-whammy type of perfect DAY 1.

Aug 27, 2014

Open Letter to Author "X"

I have had to suck it up and try and finish a beta read in the last two weeks and I've struggled with how to tactfully respond.  Below is what I wanted to write, but the actual message sent to the dude was

"Sorry, I don't believe I can help your book as I do not fit your intended audience."

What I wish I had the guts to say is here....

Dear fledgling author;

I have to admit defeat and admit that I've had to add only a second book to my 'did not finish' stack, a feat I have never done for a beta read.  The purpose of my go through is to give you feedback as a reader, not an editor, but a general population book reading point of view.  And for that reason I can not finish this book.

While I will not publicly review this book, either positively or negatively, I do feel a responsibility to share with you why.  This responsibility is from a parent's perspective, but also the mother of a son and daughter, much like yourself.

It takes a confident approach to delve into certain topics, one that many authors will either write from personal experience, research, or anecdotal sources; however it is very apparent that this is not the case with these subjects.

Sexual trauma and assault
Stillborn deaths

If you wish to  have young women as the main characters of your stories, young women who both endure repeated sexual assaults by your sadistic antagonist, you ought to research into the psychological behaviours or reactions survivors have.  You cannot have a repeated rape victim immediately be comfortable enough to be flirtatious and touching with your hero.  She would not be comfortable in her skin enough to be proactive and initative of intercourse after the abuse she endured for so long.  Her sexuality and self-esteem would be marred from such trauma from that young of age.  She would not be eager to be dependent on any person, let alone a man.  She would not voluntarily allow herself to be alone with a group of men and no safe person or position to be in and be comfortable and flirtatious with said strangers.  Within a week's time from a rape?  This is unrealistic for any survivor, male or female.

When a young woman who was physically and mentally abused by a relative and lived in fear of the sadistic predator's sexual threats survives and escapes his torture.....she does not run to the arms of an unknown man.

In fairness I did find the world, languages, setting and dynamics of the story very promising.   The flow of the story when not on the sexuality of the characters was nicely drawn, however the dialogue and character interaction could not be redeemed. 

A young couple who loses their unborn child in a rescue scene is void of any emotion for the characters.
"X sat there with his dead baby."
And then have next sentence literally be dismissive of what transpired and if I recall correctly, has the formerly pregnant woman now cooking a meal. How traditionally cliche, don't you think?

As a woman:
It is very clear that this novel is not written for the general demographics, but likely a small select group of people who would find pleasure from the sadistic behaviour towards women and the naive interpretation of how their sexuality would be shaped.

If this book is to be marketed;
 -- it would not be young adult.
 -- it would not be even adult fiction. 
 but rather
-- adult with a warning label or descriptions such as: fetish; sexual control; rape; young girls

As a mother:
Your book would be described as: badly written, elementary dialogue, fetish-porn for men

I'm sure you will do fine with a self-publication of this 'book' if marketed correctly.

Thank you for seeking my input, as I know you will not take heed from my comments or input.


Don't get me wrong, I'm all for an exciting story with some smut. 
 I enjoy morbid serial-killer psychopath type books, supernatural, etc. 
 But this was just bad writing and with an obvious agenda.

**No, I will not share the author or title of this book in an effort to not give him any views/hits or ideas that people are actually interested in this very poorly written story.**

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