May 12, 2015

Glug glug glug...

I've slowly ventured back to some activity and so far I'm on the upward swing and still wanting to do more! eat better and workout harder.

Last week was nice enough. I set myself two goals for the week.
One was to reach an overall average of at least a weekly activity goal at 100%  + 
the other goal?  To increase my water intake.

Not just drink water, but to bump up from my habit of 132oz and go for the full gusto. 
The big cumbah...going hardcore?  
Yep. I'm a dbag carrying my gallon jug at work.

All last week I was able to successfully drink the full gallon before leaving work for the day!
 Let's break this down with reality check:
7am - 9am = coffee time, two large cups.
9am - 4pm = gallon of water.

I realized I was pretty close anyway, but it couldn't hurt to bump it up abit since the weather shifted upward already.  No worries, nobody jump on any snarktrain.  I honestly can't remember a day without hitting 100-120oz daily in the last two decades of living in Texas.
 I've always been well hydrated.  The days I know I don't? I can feel it.  

My walking goal was not met thanks to the pointless and inefficient meetings last week
and then a craptastic busy Saturday. 

Oh well, I also didn't weigh myself last week a single time.

no...not really.
 (this week is already different with the scale twice and I managed to hit a cardio class....bonus is that I didn't die!)

May 6, 2015

The "Booty" of the beholder?

Today's post may be out of my norm, but I awoke to see all the hubbub about this week's Met Gala where fashion and class is supposed to shine.  Perhaps I'm becoming old or my modesty is showing through here,  or I lack a true sense of fashion....but all the talk was of the 'booties.'  
source: cdn inquisitor

Congratulations three are wearing less clothes than Madonna and Miley Cyrus.

Miss Kim, the most famous booty babe. 
This is not a flattering angle whatsoever for anyone, but no.  I love your curves, but you do not have to try so hard.  Kanye is a joke in fashion and do not let him dress you up. The man only knows how to wear black on black and a lack of a smile.  White and sheer does not do your darker complexion well.  I would prefer you in something similar to Kendall's green dress with your hair in a slick down hair or one of your famous buns.

Kim = Just no. Make it emerald green with darker sheer.
Miss Beyonce', please stop. 
Both of you stop...there is absolutely no need for grown ass women to be showing off their ass just to get the world talking. Self respect folks!  And your "I dream of Jeannie" pony makes you seem like a 14yr old teenager trying to look grownup and sexy.  You are a fabulously healthy woman, a please spare us the need to compete with other booty women who all come off desperate for the booty attention.
Miss Jennifer (because I refuse to refer to you as JLo), 
While you may win in the best booty dress competition, my rant to you is the same as Beyonce', why must you even compete. Styling was spot on with the hair and complete look. The color was perfect, and girl you got the bod. Nobody will ever take that away from you.  But it isn't necessary, this is your booty world and Beyonce and Kim are just trying to play in it, they know who runs the booty world.
source: Huffington Post
Women, all of you, the young, the older, the thicker or matter who you are:
Please keep your dignity and stop competing to out-do each other and become the beauties you truly are within yourself.  Do not demean yourself and your wonderful bodies to that of what you think or perceive the world expects of you. Change the expectations of others, do not play into it.  
You are stronger than that.

Danes and Tiegen are both showing side-boob and look respectable.  Take notes ladies, there is the right way and wrong way to do daring fashion and not look like a competing teenager.

*This is the most judgy post I've ever written....must need more coffee*

May 4, 2015

Baby steps and an adult weekend....

with Hubs! Kidfree and fancyfree
Well, and a few other favorites of mine...
I had taken off on Friday to do the Mom thing to watch Kiddo in his first track meet....Hubs suddenly got *cough* sick and came home.  Just in time for a 2pm showing of Thor, I mean the Avengers.
Then on Saturday after dropping off the kiddos at my parents' house for the night, we went out for our ultra rare date night of sushi.  It was your typical stereotypes in reverse with me being the one with my phone on the table refreshing every so often to catch the score of Game 7. wasn't to be, but I still love all my boys. (Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard)
After sushi and my now bummed attitude from the Spurs loss, we headed to a friend's to watch the highly anticipated fight, which much like my Spurs, left me disappointed. 

No worries, Sunday morning...still taking advantage of the kidfree day, we got on the motorcycle and went for breakfast.  Somehow breakfast ended up about 80miles away! Ha. It was a gorgeous day, so it was perfect and we ended up logging in almost 400 miles across central Texas.  Breakfast was in Marble Falls, lunch in Fredericksburg, and the afternoon working ourselves back to home just in time to trek to San Antonio (by car!) for the kidlet exchange. Whew! Whirlwind, but very nice!

Last week when I took the babystep into this healthy habits and blogging thing again was something I didn't write out ahead of time, but rather my itty bitty internal goal.  
And I consider it accomplished.
No official work outs.
No running.
Not even any tennis shoes put on.
Simply the goal of walking during my day at work.
(And 132oz of water daily.)
Truthfully I hadn't seen a week with an average over 100% since 
February with running 12miles a week.  
*here's hoping to the doc signing off on my foot this week to start slowly back
....I miss my running time*

Apr 28, 2015

Frizz be gone! (Product Review)

Last week or so I actually put my face back out there in the interworlds with a discreet request for 'polite input' regarding an annoying decision I face every year.  

I think 97.43% of all women go through it, the spectrum of the hair conundrum:

"Oh my gosh I hate my hair, chop it all off!!!"

"oh wait, good hair day....awww, I want to keep this length!"
My lady knows that when she sees my name on her schedule that it is a true cut and just a 'trim,' so I always have to have an idea.  I don't know why I stress about it, because frankly it always ends up the same.  That's the double-edge sword of semi-straight hair in a humid city.  No matter the cut, it ends up either a long poofy mess or a short poofy mess. But this year was harder than most thanks to Influenster.

Last month I got to reduce my poofiness thanks to a sample received for Jadore Dessange Oleo Miracle shampoo, conditioner AND a conditioning oil.   (links to Amazon, but not affiliate...just convenient)

Woah. I did a survey prior to it and they (Influenster) figured out what I needed instantly. That or they saw a picture? #sadbuttrue  and sent me the set for 'damaged' hair.  My hair is actually very healthy, but I do iron it about once a week and I do color, so the facts are there despite my denial.

First things first, this entire line smells FABULOUS.  And I'm very sensitive to smells!  It has a wonderful smell, but can be overwhelming if you use all three products together.  After a mention from Hubs about the smell, I broke the system apart and use them independently of each other to minimize the smell but still reap the benefits of the argan, camellia and pracaxi oils.  My hair frizzy woes were nominal while I used the system. 

Being the practical chick that I am, after getting my hair all shiny and smooth...I've rotated in my normal shampoo and conditioner, and use the Dessange products as needed. The conditioning oil is used on Sunday nights before I iron my hair on Monday mornings.  That's it.  All is better since I've added the Dessange products into the rotation.  I'm glad that I received them as they are more pricey than I would typically spend to try a product.  I will likely buy my own oil after this full size sample is gone as I'm loving the oil!

If you gave some input on Instagram, then you know that I was tempted with bangs and shorter. I did go through with it, but my hair has rejected the bang concept and have already burrowed themselves back in.  Add in some fresh root coverage and I'm ready now to let this mom haircut grow out an inch or two before I like the cut. 

Let's close with a PSA: Do your roots people
 The ombre look at home is simply outgrown roots. 
 If you want to try the trendy thing that is already out of style,'ombre,' pay for it!
(but the truth is that we all will just see you growing out your roots even if you say it is in 'style.')

*These products were sent to be sampled in exchange for my honest review from Influenster*

Apr 27, 2015

Wiener jokes allowed really!

"My wiener is HUGE in Japan"
"My wiener is bigger than yours" duh...
"My dog comes with his own jokes"

This past weekend was the first full weekend that I felt well enough to do something fun for the kids.  We had early morning soccer, surprisingly after a Friday's full day of misty rain.  We all went to bed with an assumption of another cancelled week (the two prior were cancelled due to flooded fields) but alas I was woken up at 7:30 with the text that we were on for the day and a clarification that Kiddo had to be on the field at 8:40. Woah.

Somehow this Supermom got both kiddos up, dressed and fed and out the door by 8:30. Whew, thank goodness we live so close now!  Ha, LittleOne would only be satisfied if I called that quick bowl of cereal her "Breakfast #1" and promised that there would be another one. *hobbit anyone?

While at the game I received unfortunate news about my parent's remaining dog.  We were not surprised with the news of her passing, but it still stung.  As if it were fate though, Saturday happened to be the Buda Weiner Dog Races, and I decided on the fly that it was meant for us to enjoy and celebrate Chloey and all her fellow daschunds.

This year's theme was: Run Forrest Run
I hadn't been in about five years, so this was a treat for all of us!!  
We got great seats to enjoy the hilarity of seeing long 15lb doggies sprinting across the park. 
 Well, most of them sprint....I posted a sample video on my instagram (@overextendedapril)
of  how funny they all are.

"He's so cute mama, we need him!! = um no."
"Look mama, its 'PartyPoodle'!!"

92* Saturday sun with humidity...check out her curls!
If anyone ever is in the Austin area in mid April,
 this is a superfun animal and family friendly event.

Feel free to insert any 'weiner' jokes!

Apr 24, 2015

from the grave...

A blogging break mode includes more than just a lack of blogging. There is a full hermit step program to follow.
  1. Quietly disappear self - check
  2. Slowly stop commenting on other blogs - check
  3. Update blogreader to drop fellow non-posting bloggers - check
  4. Stop reading other blogs that remind you of your blogging days - check

So returning into the blogging mode, which for me is hopefully the return of the "April focusing on her exercise and health" mode .... it feels the same as if coming back from the dead.  No worries my friends, I've reactivated my readers and am going to focus on other blogs and commenting better!! 

It is "Friday" which formerly was my Fitness Friday recap, but right now that can be summed up in one sentence rather than an official 'recap.'  No worries, this just means next week will no doubt have a 100% increase in productivity!Positive thinking, ya see?

My recent habits recapped here for ya: I hit my 14K steps (which is my 100% on my polarLoop) only twice in the last seven days.  Hey, all about the honesty.

So instead of wasting more time blogging about my non-activity, I'm working my way out of the hole and into everyone else's blogs to catch up.

Since the mention of vampires, my mind went to only two places.  

My first and favorite vamp of Lestat.  
Read the books people!!
Don't rely on Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, 
truly read the books if you haven't already. 

and of course to pay homage to a more recent development in Vampire lore....
I leave you with a visual to take to the BOOKS for TrueBlood, 
the Sookie Stackhouse Series (there are differences).
Now that you've enjoyed some fitness inspiration....

I will venture into your blog world and leave you for the weekend.

Apr 23, 2015

"In an IV drip"....#coffeemyway

It isn't a secret if you follow my IG account.

Truthfully my love affair with the nectar of the gods didn't start until I was close to 30. 
I was an iced-tea for breakfast caffeine kinda girl for most of my life. 
But then something flipped for me and the random late afternoon sweet coffee started to seep into my mornings. 
 Perhaps that is how any addiction starts?
Dunno....don't care, as this is really my only vice. I love it. 
pssstt: I think I owe a lot of my weight loss to the introduction of coffee
It doesn't take much excuse for me to want a cup. 
Except for summertime....but maybe, just maybe...this year
 I'll figure out how to love it iced! and without the good stuff.
I think coffee has helped my personality around work,
 for the better or worse is yet to be determined though.

I typically use my IG for any showcasing of my love affair with coffee, but it seemed to get the attention of a campaign for #coffeemyway from Wayfair.  Basically an excuse to verbally share my love of coffee, cool.  Now everyone can go on and on like Bubba *reference check* about the many ways to love coffee, but I won't.  I'm going to keep it really simple.

Let's start with the go-to, everyday...Monday through Friday work routine:
Old school American drip coffee pot + HEB Classic Roast + powder =
 Your typical office coffee fanfare.
Boring and old school, but I add in a dash of vanilla, real vanilla into for some foofoo.

But the fun stuff? The days we all look forward to?
Keurig + Community Coffee French Roast + Cinnamon Creamer =
 Weekend Morning wakeup shot of heaven

and the mommy is a requirement.
Anyone else? Who else wants to share the way they enjoy or love their coffee?
Follow along #coffeemyway to see how many other like minded brilliant people are out there!
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