Aug 31, 2015

This Week: Aug 31 - Sept 6

Now back to my regularly scheduled Monday, after last week's lows I am going to be smarter this week with some gatorade or type for recovery .

and eat more....don't hate, its a struggle to eat, I'm adjusting still and aware of it...

  • Monday (am) 3.75mile run + walking*
  • Tuesday (am) lifting session + (noon) P90X Interval X
  • Wednesday (am) 3-4mile run + (noon) Jillian Michaels 30dayShred
  • Thursday (am) lifting session + (noon) RockinBody Booty Time (fave!!)
  • Friday (am) 2-3mile run + (noon) T25 Core Cardio

I picked up two bottles of powerade to keep on hand for another episode like last week.  I don't drink the stuff normally, and realized why when I kept trying to find one that did not have any sucralose in it.  Last week of three days of feeling 'off' and low followed by two days of itching and rash thanks to the electrolyte packets I use.  Hopefully between watching my calorie intake closer and actually decreasing my water I can avoid the trouble again. *Decrease because I realized that for about three days I think I hit 2 gallons of water by accident, which would further deplete my vitamins/electrolytes than is typical.  I wasn't paying attention, this is random and a reminder that it isn't healthy to drink too much water.

All this serious talk and it is only my Monday plan post?
Let's move on to the better visual part of my Monday posts now that I'm including a MCM.

This week's #MCM portion of this post, I share John Legend.
Because nothing is sexier than a man in love who can play a piano and sing like that.

And ladies from the VMAs last night?  
Chrissy still leads the pack with sexy and reasonably modest compared to most last night.  

Dear MTV (vent)

Dear MTV;
You will never be what you once were, in part thanks to your programming ventures but also your lack of actual music videos.  Upon hearing that Miley would be hosting your video awards, (what videos?) I was perplexed as to if there was still an audience for such an awards show.  From the outside I assumed the music industry had turned it back on you for this lack of partnership, but I was wrong.  

Music and lack of videos aside, let me educate you on the finer points of marketing.  


This is why your first generation of MTV loyalists cannot help you with your legacy.  You see, us MTV generation kids grew up and are the parents of your musicians now.  We are the parents of your audience you should be trying to suck into your music everything world.  If that is what MTV is about anymore. 

I will be the first one to swallow my pride and admit that the girl can sing.  Remember her SNL semi-dressed sitting on a stool doing an acoustic Wrecking Ball, ya know, when she focused on the art of music and not a 'show'....she won me over as having a smidge of talent.

I originally planned to just type a judgmental post on how crappy Kim and Kanye looked....
not flattering at all Kim..and Kanye? sloppy sweats? no.
and who shined fashion wise (Selena you win...even over your BFF Taylor!)

but scouring the interworlds and images just frustrated me more than anything.  What I found just showed me that Miley has some issues.  I hope there was some psychotherapy in the contract for her because girl needs help.  All her drug references and proud marijuana use aside...she perpetuates the unnecessary sexuality of young girls.  And you, MTV, are encouraging this drug-induced young lady to flaunt her stupid nonsense for your gain. 

Miley, you were used as a publicity stunt. 

Sorry dear...I wish your agent would have warned you, but you were simply for ratings.  Your free spirit and layers of undress were not for your talent or artistry (and this is a reach for me to even mention) but you were used for your image and body.  Is this what you want to be known for?  Your love of nekkidness and drugs?  

Sorry hon.  If it weren't for your Disney earnings, you would be nothing more than that drunk whore at the party that all the girls feel sorry for and the guys just want to....well you know.

MTV, seems if nekkidness and drugs are what you are about nowadays, then I'm afraid I will have to continue to use other avenues for music videos and showing the next generation what MUSIC is about rather than your channel.

a first generation MTV viewer.

Aug 27, 2015

Hitting the button....snooze button

I'm feeling off-kilter today....
It actually started yesterday but I went through the motions of my workouts.  I tried, but the stars were against me that despite my struggle, I made it to the gym by 4:50 and the activetrax program wasn't working. Urgh.  I had to wing it with my weights, so I focused on a shoulder and back circuit.

My lunch class kicked my arss, T25 Lower Focus?  Don't know if it was the work I'd done already this week, but my balance was completely off and I struggled bad.  Bad.

I managed to get the mom job done last night and forced myself to shower and get to bed by 9:30. I said aloud 'you will run tomorrow! just three miles, nothing special....but April you need to push through whatever this is.'

I repeated it to myself at least three times because my head was already thinking about sleeping in and resting.

And this morning I let my body decide instead of my brain or pride.  I struggle with this idea of listening to my body.  Its hard.  Resting or taking it easy?  I'm always afraid its a slippery slope and find myself ten pounds up and miles away from where I left off.  If I trusted my body to tell me things, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have ever gotten to that 200+ weight. 

But today I'm telling my brain that this is okay, that my body is telling me it needs a break or something.  I am sipping propel water and a nuun not for hydration or my gallon goals, but hopefully to get back in sync.  My electrolyte balance is likely out of whack and last year I wouldn't have realized this and its importance.

So today the snooze button was hit at 4:35am.
And then it was turned off to allow the 'gym done-get home and shower' alarm 
to wake me up at 5:28am instead.

Aug 25, 2015

Online shopping fail

I've long been the first to admit that I'm less than the whole girly girl woman people think I should be.  I am the cliché white chick with her love of coffee and pumpkin spiced everything, but you will never find me roaming a mall or clothes shopping with that coffee.  I abhor clothes shopping.  Like death by treadmill boredom sounds like an awesome distraction or delay tactic to avoid shopping for myself.

I hated it at size 14-16 and still hate it as a size 6-8-10 whatever. 
 No difference, it still sucks.

But I'm trying, I do want to be cute....because lets face it, cute clothes are more plentiful when they are smaller than a former size! We all know a size 18 will feel cuter than the size 22 just like moving from a XXL to a XL and the same as the 2 moving into a 6!  Same clothes, but we all know that things FEEL cuter, we feel CUTER and dressed better when its in our personally desired size whatever that may be.  I say this, because vanity sizing messes with our minds and makes shopping as hard or harder than working out.

I said 'screw it' last month and snagged a "grab bag" deal I found on (great site btw) from White Plum.
great site for gifts and accessories!

specific product or boutique

I checked the sample pictures and said 'they have some cute pieces and definitely things I would never try myself.' So I ordered two mystery grab bags, one in a size small and one in a size medium.  According to the size chart I'm right in the middle so I figured something would work out, right?

Each grab bag included a total of three items that could have been a shirt, leggings, accessories, whatnot.  I figured out of 6 items, my money wouldn't be wasted if I managed to get 1-2 items. 

For reference here, other than my arm size...I have similar measurements as everyone's cute favorite, SkinnyMeg.   I just am not as photogenic as she is! ha. 

As of June 1 measurements from the Y; should be smaller now but not officially measured
  • Height: 5'6
  • Arms 12
  • Bust 33  **she wins here, I need a padded bra to get that 33
  • Waist 26.5
  • Hip 40
  • Thigh 21

I received a total of 4 shirts, 1 tunic/dress thing, 1 leggings, and one set of earrings.

I'll keep the rest of this post short and sweet and just say that its all for sale if interested.  This is not a reflection of either site, just me and my shopping woes!!

I hope to iron them out and take pictures shortly on Instagram...but for real, I'm keeping one single shirt with the hopes that my arm fat will shrink to where it is comfortable.

Aug 24, 2015

This Week: Aug 24 - 28 (and #MCM)

I am determined to finish up August for my 12weeks and revisit that evil trainer at the YMCA to update my measurements and bodyfat.  I know the scale is inching in a good direction but I want to get a full picture of what I've done this summer.

I recapped early last Friday and had a great weekend with hitting 100% or more both Saturday and Sunday.  Squeezed in a Sunday lifting session while LittleOne had swim lessons. Seems Hubs and I enjoy giving each other an anonymous flirty gym head nod and smile whenever we cross paths at the gym. Ha. We both have our music going so neither of us talk, just he struts and gives me the head-nod.
(not Hubs obviously...but pretty close to it)

What's on tap this week?  Funky week with some work things interfering with my noon cardio classes, so I'm going to have to step it up on the AM a couple days.

  • Monday - (am) 4miles! + (noon) Insanity30:Friday Night Fight
  • Tuesday - (am) lifting session + (noon) Jillian Michaels Kickboxingt
  • Wednesday - (am) 3-4mile run + (noon) T25 Lower Focus
  • Thursday - (am) lifting session + (noon) power walk - likely indoors 
  • Friday - (am) 4mile run + (noon) power walking
Now that my plan is typed out, lets embrace and enjoy a little #MCM with an obvious favorite...Joe.

one cannot think of Joe without're welcome!

Happy Monday everyone!! 
Go out and hit it hard!

Aug 21, 2015

Recap: Aug 17 -21

Welp, appears my blogging duties were shirked this week....reasons? Let me count the ways:

  • Monday - unplanned emergency doctor visit for Kiddo1
  • Tuesday - planned AM doctor appointment for Kiddo2 
  • Tuesday - school event only during work hours? (not cool school peeps)
  • Tuesday - unplanned emergency doctor visit for Kiddo1
  • Wednesday - followup to Tuesday appt2 in AM.
  • Thursday - work catchup day 
The life with live as working mamas right?  Turns out I didn't do too shabby in regards to managing all of that in addition to trying to slim down this booty.

I have to give myself an A for effort and going out of my routine and trying to make up for change in plans.  I had to go out of my element and figure out how to meet my 100% minimum goal everyday while all that other stuff snuck up on me.

Lets compare to the workout intentions with the reality of my work week:

Plans were: (AM) Run + noon: Insanity Max Sweat
Reality? Run 3.25 miles = 202%

Plans were: (AM) lifting session + REST DAY DUE to plans.
Reality?  Extralong  run of 5.10 miles!! = 266%

Plans were: (AM) Run + (noon) Brazillian Butt Lift
Reality? a fritzed out heart rate monitor during my lifting session. And a random cardio class to get it all done while everyone slept?  Cardio Funk at the YMCA. Just do it. It was awesome!

Plans were: (AM) lifting + (noon) Gunnar Training Camp
Reality? a barebones slow 2.5miles hill walking on the treadmill and then nada due to work = 140%

Plans were: (AM) Run + (noon) T25 Core Speed
Reality?  BACK ON TRACK baby!  only 1pm and I'm sitting at 271%

I honestly can go into this weekend (the last of summer!!) with a good feeling that while I was busier than a Duggar PR rep, I can sit back and get all that other mama and kiddo stuff done.

And then hit it hard again come Monday.
Have a great weekend!! 
Especially if its the last one of summer for ya'll too! 

Aug 17, 2015

Recap: Aug 10-16

So close!!!
and now my picture isn't working....the rare times I actually have my own pics to share?

Per last week's schedule:
  • Monday: (am) 3.12miles + (noon) Insanity Max 30 "Sweat"  BOOM!! 311% done
  • Tuesday: (am) Lifting session + (noon) Billy Blanks TaeBo 200%
  • Wednesday: (am) 3-4miles + (noon) Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones 248%
  • Thursday: (am) lifting session + (midmorning)Swim laps or run for cardio* 170%
  • Friday: (am) 2-3 miles + (noon) T25 Body Circuit 167%
  • Saturday: cleaning house and errands 109%
  • Sunday: REST day: 86% *however this has three hours missing due to charging.

  • I give myself a A - for last week.  A full "A" would have been hitting that 100% on Sunday for a full week over 100%.

    Bonus was that the total step count for last week? 101529

    It was a busy week, and I hope to keep it up.  Friday morning I saw very nice numbers on the scale which is always awesome.  Unfortunately Thursday and Friday I wasn't feeling myself and reached for some chocolate which has caused a minor binge over the weekend with a sweettooth.  I still maintained and even tracked the intake, but sugar like that is a very slippery slope with cravings returning very quickly to where I have to start over with a sugar detox.

    I'm hopeful to finish up August and then revisit the trainer at the YMCA to check my measurements and body fat with a solid 12weeks under my belt.  I know the scale hasn't moved too much, but I'm feeling more tight and now craving workouts (go go power endorphins!) so I'm in a better place already!

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