Jul 22, 2014

Love your Body Challenge

This past week has been rather deep around here. 
Yeah, an odd place for me or this blog! 
I have to blame Val and Meg for last week's #loveyourbodychallenge on Instagram and their quest to get other chicks to post their body parts on the interworlds. 
Smooth move there, ladies, I see what you did here.

Anyone around these parts know I don't post my picture too much, call it lazy or paranoid, whatever the reason I just don't. I'm still very self-conscious, despite a 60lb transformation and refocus onto myself. I internally can say 'hey, I'm not fugly or anything, nobody should run away when I walk into a room'....but the modesty in me still thinks that would be shallow or pompous to even let those ideas float into my head.  Perhaps too many years of self-depreciation? 

For those who didn't notice the challenge or are under a rock without Instagram, I thought I'd share my messages:

Day 1 
"Smile or laugh lines? aka wrinkle lines.  I've had mixed feelings for these lines. I never had them before losing weight. Weightloss removes the swelling and filler in the face, result is that my age shows.  
But I have learned to love these lines as a reflection of my humor and outlook on life to just 'smile and wave.'

Day 2
"I was lucky tog row up with good skin. I always thought it was a backhanded compliment about 'pretty face' (on a fluffy body) but now I'm damn lucky. 
 Wrinkles and all."

Day 3
"What used to be called breasts, boobs, tatas are gone.  Weightloss and babies does that to some of us.  But I wouldn't change a thing. I have two healthy kids that I personally sacrificed for with their nourishment.  
This isn't about nursing, this is me loving what my body has done and why it is what it is."

Day 4
"Love and am grateful to have the health I do have.  Even if it isn't perfect, I love the fact that I have the ability to put shoes on two feet and a heart healthy enough to keep me moving everyday. 
 Love a body part? I'm being grateful for the imperfect body I have."

Day 5
"Reunion time.  Senior picture from 1994 and tonight.  It only took me 20 years to find my confidence and comfort in my skin.  
Still not big on smiling, but I'm not avoiding or running from cameras tonight"

Day 6
"I may be pale but I felt just as awesome as my skinny friends.  That and knowing that I can run circles around them being more fit.  
 I may not be as small as others, but I am strong and healthy."

Day 7
"I originally was going to post about my eyes like so many othe rgorgeous ladies in the challenge, but I got the best compliment tonight from the 10yr old:
"You are one of the pretties moms I know." so I may have to end the challenge by listening to my son
 and try and love all of me."

The  challenge may be over, but the message did get through.  
Did anyone else participate or learn something about yourself during it?

Jul 18, 2014

My groove, yeah its coming back....

I have to keep this short and sweet since work is boggin me down lately, seriously, don't they know I need some 'off' time during work hours to let me keep up with my fun job?

So I've been busy at work, and slightly anxious about this whole high school reunion thing...that's for next week, but this week? I've taken my work stress out on my treadmill.

I kicked some fitness booty this week!!

Let me break down my activity for last week to compare it since I'm falling more and more in love with my PolarLoop.

When I first received the Loop, the base setting is 10K steps for your goal to reach 100%.  However, it learns and bumps you up base on your patterns and keeps you striving for more.  Currently my 100% is right around 14K steps a day.  I have yet figured out how to manually change this! ha!  I guess this is a good thing.

Last week's "Daily GOAL completion average" = 122%
  • Monday - 187%
  • Tuesday - 71%
  • Wednesday - 90%
  • Thursday - 191%
  • Friday - 74%
  • Saturday - 125%
  • Sunday - 116%

I struggled with two BAD migraine days, can you tell which days? ha!

But this week? Mind you I'm jumping the gun and sharing this on Friday with only five days reported, but my weekends are always above 100% due to housework, errands, and mommy duties.

Daily GOAL completion average (5days) = 172%
  • Monday - 124%
  • Tuesday - 81%
  • Wednesday - 296%    YEAH BUDDY!
  • Thursday - 152%
  • Friday - 204% (as of 3pm)
Yeah, I'm feeling pretty fabulous about myself.

Jul 16, 2014

Voxbox knows me too well....

 I mentioned it last month when I finally got to pick up my first ever VoxBox from Influenster and within 2hours had to rip open the box to be the good momma and have Neosporin  ready to roll with the emergency kiddo scrape.

Awesome collage from another VoxBox reviewer, Schnelle! Check out her take on the goodies too!

But I didn't get a chance to test out the other products until recently to give to some personal input about the goodies in the purple box.

Confessional time first:
1. We don't buy gas at Shell, so I was unable to take advantage of the Fuel Rewards program.  Sucks because we use a crapload of gas and the chance to get bonuses or earn rewards for spending my money anyway on the gas? I mean its not like I can stop buying gas, I live in Texas where everything is a solid 10minute drive. In Austin, multiply that by like 4.52 to plan your trip to the corner store.

2. If you've read my rants or food posts, you would know that two of the four people in this house are lactose intolerant. 'Girls can't have cowmilk' is what the 3yr old lucky girl thinks. #sadbuttrue 

So the 'boys' got the fun of testing out the Breyers Gelato Indulgences that I selected for them.  Okay, I confess I had to try a couple bites, I mean it looked amazing. Raspberry Cheesecake with graham crackers crumbles on top? The lactose discomfort was worth it....yes, it was that good.

So the rest of the box was awesome for me, it was like Influenster went out and
 searched for me specifically:

Clumsy chick?  
Yep, she needs to try that Neosporin to Go 
which has now been successfully kept in the purse and used four times in a single month?
 yep, I'm their girl!

Allergy prone chick? 
 geesh, give that girl some classic Ivory soap that doesn't have any allergens!
**This chick was smart enough to make laundry soap with it. I'll share that later though**

Allergy and asthma riddled LittleOne? 
 Puffs Tissues baby! 
Can't go wrong, other than adding another package to the bottom of my purse or bag that gets forgotten until you change purses and find four different mini-tissue packages half full.

Clumsy, allergy prone chick who happens to be old as dirt er aging?
(I mean like fine wine of course!) 
 Yep, they even sent me the new
Long name, but so far so good! I'm always leary of new facial products due to my sensitive skin, but I haven't had any breakouts or discoloration as of yet.  Bonus is that it does feel good and light on my face.

Despite being late with my reviews, I wanted to truly give my personal take on them all. I'm still loving everything and using it! A month later and I'm still using a facial product and not fallen out of the routine yet? That alone is a win!

Anyone else receive this box? 
Did you try the Raspberry gelato?  It was hard to choose just one flavor!

Jul 14, 2014

Reality check weekend

Woah....this past weekend was a whirlwind that ended up with a slap of reality hitting me hard.

Not only was it my son's birthday. It was his 10th birthday, a double-digit child??  That means I've actually aged 10years. I finally accepted that fact that yes, I have to admit to having a 10year old kidlet.  I have to admit that despite working out and getting my walk on enough for an average of 130% of daily activity, I made the decision to treat the birthday boy to a cookie cake.

Big mistake.

But then??  This also got thrown at me this weekend.
(Yes that means I'm too old to be blogging, oh well.)

So this week has got to be spot on diet wise, right? I mean I can look awesome by Friday night right?

Call it peer pressure, guilt for becoming a busy working mom, or an anti-facebook non-oversharing person, but I succumbed to the the personal phone calls and harassing texts from the few that I actually do still care about.

And while I'm not a FB posting fool, the rest of the world is.....and I'm a voyeur.

Happy Monday everyone!!
Or to me its more like Happy 5 days left to look friggin awesome 
before revisiting all the old frenemies friends.

Jul 10, 2014

The "Pink Stuff"...not blue or yellow, PINK!

Let's just knock this out of the way.

Yes, it causes cancer in rats if you basically make their blood concentrated with aspertame/sucralose/saccharin/coffee/love/eggs/cuddles/etc.  They will likely get cancer and die if you give them enough of water or anything, so I will take the cautionary tales with a grain of salt.

Everyone dies

I am not going to spout off about the chemical makeup and breakdown of artificial sweeteners, I am not a chemist or nutritionist, but simply a reasonably intelligent woman who has survived this long.

We all know the good and bad, and have already made our decisions if we are going to use whichever brand of whatever we want or not.
The pink stuff.

Why go with the classic fake stuff?

Oh just a little thing called hives and intense swelling that took me
 a full week to connect the dots.

If you recall, for the first week of my "Mid-June ReBoot" I shrunk my carb intake down to a piddly 50-75 carbs a day to curb the sugar cravings and get back on track?  Well the brilliant woman that I am decided to save a couple carbs from my coffee creamer by changing things up abit.

Big mistake.

So I switched from my CoffeeMate Bliss Vanilla with its 5carbs and normal ingredients....

To  the old classic CoffeeMate powder with its 
single carb and less than normal ingredients....


Despite the questionable ingredients, I did this knowingly.  I said 'so be it....I'll just add in the famous sugar free coffee syrups to get my vanilla sweetness'

Its all good, right?

For me? Yeah no....

I didn't think much of it, I mean what could a little splash of syrup and tiny amount of Splenda do to me?

Painful swelling.

So much for trying to save a couple carbs, huh?

Lesson I'm sharing here is to stick with what you know your body will tolerate.  My need for coffee and vanilla creamer far outweigh my warped body's reaction to chemicals that are 'same as sugar.'

Go on with your Splenda selves, 
I'll be over here with my pink stuff and loving my coffee and all its wonderful 5carbs.

Jul 9, 2014

On The Table: Breakfast Cookies

I feel a day behind around here....I normally post recipes on Tuesdays but wanted to share this quick and dirty recipe before I lost the scrap of paper in my bottomless pit that I call my purse.

Inspired by Once A Month Meals version of a "kid friendly" breakfast cookie, 
I used what I randomly found in my barren pantry before my weekly grocery trip.  

Why am I making cookies when I am on my lowest level of carbs?
Remember those pesky kids with awesome metabolisms?
 Good thing they are cute!

"Quickie Cookies"

  • 2 cups of cereal - I happen to have HEB Oats and Honey but you can use whatever you find.
  • 1/2 cup of flour - I mixed the last of my coconut flour and wheat
  • 1/2 cup of brown sugar - probably alittle too much sweetness, but this is the only sugar used.
  • 3/4 cup of fatfree vanilla yogurt
  • 1/3 cup oil - I used coconut oil
  • 1/4 tsp of salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 cup cranberries - I used cherry flavored cranberries, we typically have cherry and blueberry on hand.
  • *flaxseed seen in picture was just a sprinkling, not measured.

In one bowl you can get a helper to crunch up the cereal.  Sure you can throw the cereal into a baggie and use a rolling pin, but if you happen to have a 3yr old you likes to get her hands dirty, then let her scrunch it up with her hands. Besides, you don't want it completely powdered, you want some crunch!

With your now crunched up cereal, add in all the dry ingredients minus the cranberries or raisins if you are one of those people (blech)

In a separate bowl, or a 2cup measuring cup, stir together your yogurt and oil of choice. If you wish to add vanilla I would do it here.

Then mix the wet ingredients into the dry bowl and mix until a cookie batter consistency.  This has no egg or milk, you may need to add additional yogurt or applesauce if you need more moisture depending on your cereal of choice.

Fold in your cranberries and spoon up your cookies  to your size liking! These measurements gave us exactly 12 cookies (that lasted all of one hour after the biggest kid got home!)

350* for about 15minutes or until the bottoms appear to carmelize or browned.

This is not a crunchy cookie at all, in fact the longer you let them sit up after cookie, the softer they become.  

 And if you find a yummy combination to share, let me know!
For the kids to try of course! (no, not me....#sarcasm)

Jul 8, 2014

Mid-June ReBoot Week2 Results

I was pumped and so excited to recap my Week2, I felt awesome and knew I stuck to my plans.

Let's recap the original ReBoot plan:

  • 50g carbs/daily to help break the craving cycles
  • working out at lunch, goal is 3 days this week.
  • on non workout days, hit the GOAL on my PolarLoop (which currently is about 13500 steps/day)
  • hit 80oz water 

Results for Week1 was a loss of 3.8lbs.
Call it bloat, water, whatever...I felt back in control and my stomach was happier.  

  • 50-75g carbs/daily
  • working out at lunch 4days
  • hit 100oz water
Results for Week2 was a maintenance. No loss, but no gain either.
No gain over a five day holiday from work?
Five days of kids eating schedule and vacation type settings?
Five days with an open pantry and fridge?

Yes, this was a win.

The hardest part of the last week was that Friday and Saturday involved four soccer matches to keep up with. That's a lot of game watching!! (Good thing we aren't drinkers right??ha!)

Although many Americans don't watch or understand the craziness of WorldCup, and if you missed the USA game last week, I'd like to take a minute to remark on the historic game played by Tim Howard.

Tim is our goalkeeper and he personally had a historic game in part thanks to the craptastic defense of our US team.  He single-handedly (okay, technically double-handed) prevented 16 shots at goal keeping us alive in the game until the end.  His game and recordbreaking 16blocks , likely his last WorldCup appearance will remain in the records of futbol everywhere for quite some time (prior record was 9 goal blocks.)

So to you Tim:
"Good game"

Don't worry my friends, this will likely be the last WorldCup related post.
To make all this WorldCup talk more bearable for any non-soccer fans,
I give you a parting gift again.

Messi (Argentina) and our pretty boy favorite.

Seriously the man just gets better with age.

Perhaps the IG celebration of #MCM should work its way into my Monday posts?  
any excuse to look at gorgeous men works for me.
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