Apr 27, 2015

Wiener jokes allowed ....no really!

"My wiener is HUGE in Japan"
"My wiener is bigger than yours" duh...
"My dog comes with his own jokes"

This past weekend was the first full weekend that I felt well enough to do something fun for the kids.  We had early morning soccer, surprisingly after a Friday's full day of misty rain.  We all went to bed with an assumption of another cancelled week (the two prior were cancelled due to flooded fields) but alas I was woken up at 7:30 with the text that we were on for the day and a clarification that Kiddo had to be on the field at 8:40. Woah.

Somehow this Supermom got both kiddos up, dressed and fed and out the door by 8:30. Whew, thank goodness we live so close now!  Ha, LittleOne would only be satisfied if I called that quick bowl of cereal her "Breakfast #1" and promised that there would be another one. *hobbit anyone?

While at the game I received unfortunate news about my parent's remaining dog.  We were not surprised with the news of her passing, but it still stung.  As if it were fate though, Saturday happened to be the Buda Weiner Dog Races, and I decided on the fly that it was meant for us to enjoy and celebrate Chloey and all her fellow daschunds.

This year's theme was: Run Forrest Run
I hadn't been in about five years, so this was a treat for all of us!!  
We got great seats to enjoy the hilarity of seeing long 15lb doggies sprinting across the park. 
 Well, most of them sprint....I posted a sample video on my instagram (@overextendedapril)
of  how funny they all are.

"He's so cute mama, we need him!! = um no."
"Look mama, its 'PartyPoodle'!!"

92* Saturday sun with humidity...check out her curls!
If anyone ever is in the Austin area in mid April,
 this is a superfun animal and family friendly event.

Feel free to insert any 'weiner' jokes!

Apr 24, 2015

from the grave...

A blogging break mode includes more than just a lack of blogging. There is a full hermit step program to follow.
  1. Quietly disappear self - check
  2. Slowly stop commenting on other blogs - check
  3. Update blogreader to drop fellow non-posting bloggers - check
  4. Stop reading other blogs that remind you of your blogging days - check

So returning into the blogging mode, which for me is hopefully the return of the "April focusing on her exercise and health" mode .... it feels the same as if coming back from the dead.  No worries my friends, I've reactivated my readers and am going to focus on other blogs and commenting better!! 

It is "Friday" which formerly was my Fitness Friday recap, but right now that can be summed up in one sentence rather than an official 'recap.'  No worries, this just means next week will no doubt have a 100% increase in productivity!Positive thinking, ya see?

My recent habits recapped here for ya: I hit my 14K steps (which is my 100% on my polarLoop) only twice in the last seven days.  Hey, all about the honesty.

So instead of wasting more time blogging about my non-activity, I'm working my way out of the hole and into everyone else's blogs to catch up.

Since the mention of vampires, my mind went to only two places.  

My first and favorite vamp of Lestat.  
Read the books people!!
Don't rely on Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, 
truly read the books if you haven't already. 

and of course to pay homage to a more recent development in Vampire lore....
I leave you with a visual to take to the BOOKS for TrueBlood, 
the Sookie Stackhouse Series (there are differences).
Now that you've enjoyed some fitness inspiration....

I will venture into your blog world and leave you for the weekend.

Apr 23, 2015

"In an IV drip"....#coffeemyway

It isn't a secret if you follow my IG account.

Truthfully my love affair with the nectar of the gods didn't start until I was close to 30. 
I was an iced-tea for breakfast caffeine kinda girl for most of my life. 
But then something flipped for me and the random late afternoon sweet coffee started to seep into my mornings. 
 Perhaps that is how any addiction starts?
Dunno....don't care, as this is really my only vice. I love it. 
pssstt: I think I owe a lot of my weight loss to the introduction of coffee
It doesn't take much excuse for me to want a cup. 
Except for summertime....but maybe, just maybe...this year
 I'll figure out how to love it iced! and without the good stuff.
I think coffee has helped my personality around work,
 for the better or worse is yet to be determined though.

I typically use my IG for any showcasing of my love affair with coffee, but it seemed to get the attention of a campaign for #coffeemyway from Wayfair.  Basically an excuse to verbally share my love of coffee, cool.  Now everyone can go on and on like Bubba *reference check* about the many ways to love coffee, but I won't.  I'm going to keep it really simple.

Let's start with the go-to, everyday...Monday through Friday work routine:
Old school American drip coffee pot + HEB Classic Roast + powder =
 Your typical office coffee fanfare.
Boring and old school, but I add in a dash of vanilla, real vanilla into for some foofoo.

But the fun stuff? The days we all look forward to?
Keurig + Community Coffee French Roast + Cinnamon Creamer =
 Weekend Morning wakeup shot of heaven

and the mommy thing....coffee is a requirement.
Anyone else? Who else wants to share the way they enjoy or love their coffee?
Follow along #coffeemyway to see how many other like minded brilliant people are out there!

Apr 21, 2015

Climbing out of the hole again....

Confession: I have like 8 drafted posts that I could never get the guts to push submit on....in due time I suppose.

This morning I got a couple emails and notifications that prompted me to realize maybe my avoiding this place isn't the right method to this madness.  In late February I made a conscious decision to put the family and house higher on the priority list. Don't get me wrong, family, especially my kiddos, always trump ALL for me...but with the new house and such, there was room for more attention to them.  I thought perhaps I was being slightly selfish with my attention being consumed with working out AND blogging.  So both subjects went to the side.  Much like the ultra skinny clothes that I once dreamt of getting back into.

This place.
This place of semi-public therapy writing was derailed due to work projects and house chaos.  
I've honestly missed the commentary, razzing, snarking, 
whatever you call it from my like-minded blogpeeps.
You know who you are :)

The truth is I've not been focused on myself as much as before.  I'm not running (that's another post) or currently working a challenge, food wise or activity.  I'm not experimenting in the kitchen or schedule.  So what would interest anyone, hence the hiatus.

I'm not saying I'm back and going full force...but facing the reality of where I am on Tuesday, April 21st.  Nearing the end of April (the month...not me!*snort*) and I'm right at the same place I was when I started Wednesday Weigh-Ins in January. No more, no less...but right back at the same place I was four months ago.

A friend has had to smack me around figuratively lately and asked me find a picture of myself at what I think my goal weight is. The magic number that supposedly is going to make my woes magically disappear, right?  I remarked 'about 20lbs...I felt awesome around 145.'  And she made me find a picture.
My before

Left - 2008 at 145     Right - 2014 at 160

And then she made me do my measurements and the reality is that I am still comparable to that girl despite the 20lb difference on the scale. Not exactly, but pretty darn close for six years, one car accident and a baby later.

But I still want to be better.
Happier with myself.


Apr 2, 2015

Friday thoughts.....

I've been rather anti-social this past week.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but it is in person as well as online, so nobody get their panties worked up....
I'm being quiet in all forms of communication lately.
  I received some nice texts from friends and it prompted a less than flattering IG selfie to prove that I'm alive and well.

I have been trying my best to keep up with myself.  Does that make sense? 
 I mean to say that I haven't given up on me, my improvements, my running (okay that one maybe), but that I've not handled some re-balancing acts to keep them all up and going fullsteam.

Losing Nordy and the routine of 4am wakeup calls threw my mojo off again. 
Seeing the scale this year not moving threw my mojo off again.
Being cranky about the thrown mojo pushed me out of sorts as well.

My recent funk, I truly think is a result of Nordy and my lack of any solid run in a full month.

There, I've confessed it.
I haven't had a real run, treadmill or out, since 2/28. Frick, that's more than a month.

My weight has been in a stalemate for the most part.
I'm exactly where I was in January.
I've lost, gained, relost, regained in the normal amounts of 2 or 3 pounds....
but I'm right where I am.

But regardless of that stupid number, I am in need of therapy.
Ha. So the name of "Professor" is rather suiting isn't it?

I hope that Hubs and I can come to an agreed schedule to let me return to my 'therapy.'  

to my Happy Place.

Mar 23, 2015

Over a coffee mug.....

You can find the coolest people.
Simply over a cup of coffee or tea...and chatting about coffee mugs!

The last couple weeks I've gotten to know a new friend thanks to Kallie at But First,Coffee
Kallie throughout the year hosts a mugswap for her fellow coffee mug happy friends.  This is where I found myself randomly paired with Kristine and Bentley.

Confession?  I immediately knew which blog was hers when I saw her email on the random pairing! How can you forget a blog name and imagery of Breakfast with Bentley  ! We exchanged emails for the last couple weeks and got to know each other quickly.

Not sure if Kallie did this on purpose, but she brought together a girl from Texas and a girl from New York!?! An avid SPURS fan talking with a New Yorker?  Kristine is probably glad we didn't even venture into the world of basketball talk, I realize she knows the game! haha!  (then she surely would appreciate my love for my SPURS, right??)

No worries, I didn't send any SPURS paraphernalia  to rub it in, but I did think to earn brownie points by sending treats along for Bentley in addition to Kristine! ha!

I guess I got lucky because she didn't send me anything NY related (although a real bagel would have been nice, I mean if I'm going to suffer for some gluten and carbs I want the real deal!)

Instead I now have the perfect evening tea mug.

Why is it perfect?
Oh because it is an OWL.
 also?  I happen to now have an OWL tea infuser to make my own personal mug of homemade tea.

Green Bullet Chinese loose green tea
and add in two large mint leaves outside of the infuser.
Go now....try it
(owl mug not required)
and then thank my Hubs for teaching me the love of Moroccan mint tea.

You can visit http://breakfastwithbentley.com/ to see what goodies I shared with her and say "hi" to Bentley for me!

This was my second mugswap and have found two great new friends and blogs thanks to Kallie! 

If you are interested, you can find out more on IG using #bfcmugswap and find others who had fun meeting new people over the love of coffee mugs!

Mar 20, 2015

2015.6 Fiasco Friday Recap

Worst week EVER.

Monday: Jillian Michael's Shed n Shred 
Tuesday: Plumber stand-by duty = zilch
Wednesday: Kiddo appointment in San Antonio = zilch 
Thursday: 30min Zumba + 15minute stairs
Friday: T25 Speed 2.0

Seriously,this week was just a complete bust.

I knew Wednesday was going to be a rest day due to the schedule, but life and house throws curve balls at you suddenly on Sunday nights don't they?
Enter the water falling out of the ceiling of my master closet.
And no, there isn't a bathroom immediately above on the second floor.

Pipe in wall, between first and second floors.
Five holes in my walls.
Two days without hot water.

I worked out Monday but then Tuesday was trapped at home for the plumber.
Nordy is dead, so I ended up calling in a REST day.

But wait, Wednesday was scheduled a REST day.

I hit it hard Thursday and Friday, but things are not pretty around here.
I will have time next week to spill my emotional garbage about this healthy drama.


John Hughes Movies....if you don't love them, then you are likely going to always read my blog and say 'wow, she really is an old fart.'

We can still say to this day, that our movies from the 80's kick any other generation's movies butts.

Congratulations to Heather for the MealEnders giveaway!!!
Any other people who are interested, MealEnders is giving us all a 30% off coupon!

 So for two weeks, all "runners up" for our recent giveaway will be able to buy MealEnders at 30% off.  Just enter coupon code WINNER-TOO at checkout. To place your order and learn more about the product, visit www.mealenders.com.

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