Nov 13, 2014

Pardon the interruption....

to any routine readers of this here fine blog (hehe)

alas work is sucking the life out of me.

so much that I'm working at home today to avoid the chaos of cubicle world.

I keep seeing my bloglovin 'unread' numbers creep up and I cringe.

I miss keeping up with everyone, but I miss sharing my struggle as well.

I'm failing miserably with staying on target for my Pile on the Miles 2014 mission of 45miles this month, but I can tolerate it knowing I pulled off one of my 'to-do' items of getting my sub-30 5K again.  I was doing it regularly back in April and May before the move, but this week was the first one since injuring my foot and in the new house.
its dark and fuzzy...thanks to my 5amclub treadmill time.

and now....
back to the grind (not a workout one, but the paying WORK gig)

Nov 7, 2014

"Lovin" Fitness Friday

Thanks to the linkup shame....
I'm going to throw a double-whammy, or maybe a McDouble at  Aubrey today.

ALG Uninterrupted

I hinted earlier this week that I'm slammed at work, but trying my best with this whole 'healthy April' bit that is my norm, it is hard!  Blame it on the time change, work, exhaustion or what not, but this 4am wakeup for working out is getting super annoying and not exactly fruitful.

Monday - adjustment to new time
Tuesday - 2.5 miles (first 2.0 was 20:31! then cooldown for 0.5 = 26:03)
Wednesday - 2.5 miles (first 2.0 = 20:00!! flat! then cooldown for 0.5 = 25.21)
Thursday - 30min zumba
Friday - exhaustion set in and I rolled over to warmer spot in the bed and now I'm wearing the cone of shame.

Eating has been spot on (until today)...but progress has slowed to not let me venture into the 150's as I had hoped, but I have to be cool with the fact that I'm still on the cusp and not further away from it! Steady right at 162.2 this morning.

Now I just have to get through a weekend of camping
at the beach

If the Pam reference here is lost on you, I shared my issues with this 'beach' thing here before.
Now, the question is how the heck do I plan my low-carb snacks and keep the kids from stealing them!? I have no idea what I'll be doing for breakfast.


I had already planned on mentioning this doll to anyone who doesn't follow her, but lets just add an extra slice of cheese to this McDouble and send some blog love to Aubrey at ALG Uninterrupted.  Who happens to be the guru behind our Friday Fitness linkup and motivation!

Wanna know how I found Aubrey?
No, it wasn't that she is gorgeous and I saw her pictures on Instagram or another popular blog somewhere, but the solid truth? (which I've never told her)  I was working on my blog makeover (thanks to Hubby Jack) and I found her through his blog or clients or portfolio or something. ha!

I checked her out solely for the look of her blog and color scheme
Little did I know at the time was that she and I are oddly almost freakishly similar (despite her being gorgeous) with the two kidlets and fulltime working mama status.  She isn't the 22yr old single partying but fit girl or the 26yr stay-at-home Pinteresty-mom.  She is one of the blogs I most recognize with. 

Sure she may be a beautiful brilliant attorney-type of mama married to a cute other attorney-type daddy with two cute blonde kids, I mean I'm a married mama to two cute blondish-type kids and married to a cutie, but we both share our struggles with food, warped relationships with food and dieting and just the basic balance of it all.

If you haven't  noticed her, found her, read her or what not...

Just me in a lovin' mood today!

Nov 5, 2014

Holy moly miles! #potm2014

im piling on the miles 600x800 thumb Pile on the Miles 2014 
Seriously? I cannot believe it is November again already!
I recapped my 2013 POTM goals coincidentally on my 100th blog post last year!
I actually ran a 10k on the treadmill at this time last year.
Can I do it again? Not too sure...

Last year I stumbled onto the Pile on the Miles project with RunEatRepeat  and somehow miraculously accumulated 62 miles.
 Not total miles of walks or bike rides, but 62 miles of actual 100% full on RUNNING.
I set out for 60 for an average of 2miles everyday, and hit it.

This year? I think that is a lofty goal with my crazy work schedule,
but you all know I'm a competitive freak who is a glutton for punishment for the sake of goals.

If anyone else is interested in the possibility of a random prize for your miles and progress,
check out the original signup post with RunEatRepeat

I think I'm going to be reasonable with a goal of 45 miles due to my insane work schedule this month.

What about you?

Nov 4, 2014

PSA from "Ryan"

I'm a little busy today......
but in the meantime, Ryan is helping us out with a message:

Nobody wants to make Ryan sad, do we??

(meme and image sources: various Pinterest boards)

Nov 3, 2014

Halloween survival

Happy Monday all!! 
My posting patterns have become erratic and have reduced greatly,
 I'll remark more on that later...but first? an update for last week

Attitude: I've actually stayed focused and am pushing along with determination 
on regaining control again. 

Food:  Today is actually day 6 of my carb-detox.  I don't recall mentioning it, but it is the only way for me to reboot my body after a bad food/allergy reaction.  Monday I tried flatout wrap (half of one!) for lunch, but it was a quick slap in the face that I just need to chalk it up and truly follow a GF lifestyle no matter what the blood tests say.  Needless to say Monday and into Tuesday was not fun and by Wednesday I ended up with a rash on my face again. sigh.

So Wednesday was Day1 of the 'flush your system of anything and everything' regarding possible contaminants.  Just think of it like the Induction phase of Atkins diet.  So yeah, today is day six and I'm down 5lbs from the salt/bloat/wheatbelly whatever you want to call it.  Most importantly I feel better.

And I managed through a Halloween/Birthday celebration at work where my boss actually provided GF cupcakes and I made flourless pumpkin brownies for the group in addition to the potlock luncheon where we had queso.

my kryptonite.

Thank heavens a friend came prepared for me and brought a stash of 
celery sticks for the crunch factor for queso.

I survived Halloween with all its chocolate wonderfulness with the kids and the baggie of Reeses', Kitkats and Mounds hidden in the deepfreeze for mom those chocolate emergencies.

Moving forward: I'm hoping to stick with my detox through this week in the stripped down first phase, I'm right on the cusp of returning to the 150's which will help me mentally as much as physically.

Oct 29, 2014

The Lone Lobster

I guess with it being nearly Halloween, I ought to fess up.

It's not a secret to those who see me on Instagram ...

Pale skin?
Avoids sunlight?
Avoids mirrors?
Control freak?
Minimal sleep required?

Yes, but I'm also a mom

This past weekend we finally took the kidlets to the beach. Oh it's only a four hour trip #sarcasm

I'm not a fan mostly because being out in the sun intentionally for long periods of time requires a lot of energy on my part. I actually have to set a timer on my phone for reminders for sunblock application.
 Luckily the kidlets were blessed with an enviable olive skin tone, 
however that means mom is the only lobster.

All is well for the kidlets, but I'm sporting a burnt scalp and the back of my knees.

Go Vamps!

and if you don't get today's themed gifs...

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Oct 23, 2014

[Product review] Are you feeling warm?

I purposely don't post too much of the Kidlet stuff on here, mostly because there are plenty of very educational and well written blogs/articles about parents of kids. I'm not one of those type bloggers....I'd much rather post funny geek gifs and whine about my thunderthighs.

 I'm just a regular mom blogger. 
I am just a mom who's had to learn as things have been thrown at me, whether it was RSV, infantile seizures, undiagnosed asthma for three years, then asthma maintenance and monitoring.  That was the easy kid.

With the winter or wet season coming up, yes, even in Austin, a single hour of a pleasant sprinkle classifies as rain. We take what we can get, and panic nonetheless to drive in it #sadbuttrue

With the allergy or weather induced asthma, I have to be very intuned with the kidlets and catch colds and sniffles very early on.  LittleOne has gone from no signs and to being hospitalized in respiratory distress within 48hours.  Needless to say, winters keep me on alert. 

Now I'm pretty good since dealing with Kiddo for 10yrs and now LittleOne for almost 4yrs, but even I sometimes turn slacker. Shocker, I know!?  So while I try to stay cool in front of the kids and minimize their colds or sniffles, the mom inside is raising the alert level to orange with every single cough that is heard.

For years now I've had a practice of venturing into toddler bedrooms to listen for coughing and breathing patterns, but also to check temperatures.  Overnights are always the most stressful for me especially in the new house where I cannot hear them as easily.

Healthy baby or not, I think every parent has tried to do this sneak attack with the thermometer, right?  sneak attack in the dark, and you have to swipe a forehead with a temporal thermometer or one that goes on the neck? Or even old school and you've shoved one in an armpit?  That's all fine and good, but when you question the reading (and have OCD) you end up repeating the test to verify the reading right? yep...average of three tests

I recently got giddy like (when you win a free coffee) and was selected (thanks to Influenster) to test out a new Braun thermometer.  They either found me by my OCD references or by the fact that I'm just like every other mom trying to keep a healthy house.

I received this about three weeks ago, and I am still amazed at how far technology has come just in the time that I've been doing this motherhood thing.  With Kiddo, the tall standup in the picture above was the newest and greatest at the time. A 'temporal' test that you swipe across the forehead and it beeps and flashes and whatnot.  At the time we left the hospital the first time from infantile seizures, we made the hefty investment of $79.99 because that was what the hospital used.

Then with LittleOne, we continued to use the temporal, again that is what the hospitals and doctors offices used but Hubs and I both would get frustrated at having to do repeat scans to get a valid reading because they were never the same. EVER.  So in the frustration, Hubs picked up the new one (blue on the left) which is similar but you place it under the earlobe for the reading.  Its good, don't get me wrong....but we all are in love with this new Braun "No Touch *silent* " thermometer.

  • It is no-touch.
  • and it has a mute button  (hello midnight sneak attack readings! yess!)
  • The large-font screen that displays the reading will also conveniently 
  • change colors from green to orange to red as the temp increases.
  • You can either use the no-touch option by placing it near the center of the forehead about two inches away, or if doing it on yourself can be used like traditional temporal by touching your forehead (no swiping required)

We all have played with it quite a bit and have not seen the erratic readings like we've been experiencing with our others.  Even with my preference to take three and average it, I haven't felt a need to double-check this one. 

Truly, this was easy enough that when LittleOne went for a sleepover at gramma's house, we sent it along in her bag because it was easy enough and I didn't have to demo it for my mom at all. I just said 'turn it on and LittleOne can do it herself or she will show you what button.'

*I received this product for testing and review in exchange for the product, thanks to Influenster Voxbox and Braun.*
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